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Rajesh Ganesh, Founder and Chief Architect of TripleInt.com started the venture eight years back after having gained more than a decade of stock/option trading experience. He is a M.Tech Computer Science graduate from IIT, Bombay. He has over 18 years of experience in the design and development of software for networking devices and combining that with the trading experience, his efforts to develop a strong and powerful trading system gave rise to TripleInt’s Option Trading System and TripleInt’s Systematic Trading Plan.

He has served around a year as one of the “Stock Gurus” at stockezy.com, India’s First Social Networking Site with over 50,000 registered members and as part of that Rajesh Ganesh, has travelled to corporate offices like ITC, Bangalore giving presentations on the trading strategies.

Rajesh Ganesh’s interview appeared in zerodha.com, one of India’s leading brokerage firm. Zerodha Interview

He was also featured in Their Story Column of The Hindu Business Line on handling risk.

Overall, TripleInt has the right experience to help subscribers make the winning decision every month. In order to be profitable in the markets, you’ll need a lot of time to study the price moves, understand the big picture, the larger trend etc., and not many people have the desire or time to do this. TripleInt studies the market on a daily basis combining the Option Trading System and proprietary technical and psychological indicators.

Evolution of TripleInt’s Option Trading System

Over the period of ten years, the Trading system has evolved into a high performing option trading system based on research combining the art and science of technical analysis and trading psychology. This along with a disciplined approach to money management, provides an integrated trading system. TripleInt’s systematic trading plan focussing on NIFTY and Stock Option trades gives a better edge.

Services included with Subscription

- Detailed trade instructions on how we enter each of our positions.
- Periodic e-mails that monitor our positions and advise if any action might be needed.
- Weekly market updates to keep you abreast of what’s happening.

You will be able to stay ahead of the market and build your wealth on a monthly basis. Subscribers will gain access to our privileged member’s area and learn how to consistently maximize their returns and minimize their losses.

All this with the vision of bringing in a “Never Seen Before Offer” of a “Pay only for Performance” based subscription model.

Core belief

TripleInt strongly believes that one should perform first before getting paid and when subscribers do not make money, there is no point in charging money for the service provided. The very intention of a subscription service is to make profits at the end of the day for the subscribers.

a. Many of the subscription services talk only about positive aspects of their service.
b. Many of the subscription services are providing the services to make money for themselves irrespective of whether the subscribers make profit or loss.
c. Many of the subscription services provide a free trial for a maximum period of a week.
d. Almost all subscription services charge the users beforehand.

TripleInt is not based on a subscription model in the above sense. TripleInt’s subscription model is purely based on Performance of the trades generated. If for the month, the trades have made profits, pay only after the end of the month and open up the subscription for the subsequent month.

If the trades have not performed, then the subscription for the next month is renewed free of cost.
This is a completely unique model, reiterating TripleInt’s commitment to Performance.

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