Frequently Asked Questions

What do you trade?

Why do you not just sell these option contracts?

What Option Buying Strategies do you use?

How will I be notified of a new trade?

How many trades are made during each day?

Should I expect a Telegram alert from you every day?

When are trades opened?

How long is each position held?

When do we exit the trade?

Should the trade be executed as limit or market order?

I have no experience in trading stocks or options, would I be able to follow your trades?

What if I still don’t understand how to place the trades?

What type of brokerage account do I need?

How much should I begin trading with?

What is the difference between index options and stock options?

Do you trade index options or stock options?

Do you actually make the same trades that you publish?

What are the downsides of your strategy?

Can I lose money with your system?

How much is your service?

What if I subscribe during the middle of a month?

What if the month is profitable and I still do not pay?

What is meant by a month in your methodology?

What if a next month’s contract is opened during the expiry week and also gets closed within the expiry Thursday of the present month?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I subscribe?