Nifty 27 June 2013 – Expiry Chart

  • - Day started with 5600 support and 5650 resistance for calls
  • When Nifty touched intraday low of 5631 levels, 5650 resistance started decreasing. 5600 support from 1.1cr raised to 1.6cr. 5700 resistance started reducing
  • At around 1.30PM, after the upmove, 5650 became support for calls and 5600 support rose to 1.85cr level. 5700 resistance stood at 80L. Reduce by 2L to 78L but with in minutes increased to 80L. At 2.55 PM it was steady at 80L
  • Throughout the day Nifty Futures traded in Discount.
  • Throughout the day IV favoured calls

- Happy Trading

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