Performance update for July 2010 – A 12% return for the month !

Performance update for the month of July 2010

The picks are published under . All the picks focus on a holding period of 5 days only.

The profit generated for the month is Rs. 12060 with a flat risk of 2% in each trade.

For the month of June 2010, the returns generated was 8.78% and taking that into account, the return for the month of July is 13.11%. Overall the profit is Rs. 21900 in two months.

Note: The calculation is without taking into consideration the cumulative amount gained on individual trades and it is based on a flat 2% risk per trade based on the stop loss provided. Increasing the risk % would increase the yield, but it is not advisable to go beyond the 2% risk per trade.

The same picks if traded under futures segment would have yielded a profit of approx Rs. 52500.

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Rajesh Ganesh.

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